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"Whether red pipes or clover-green cables: ADD-Chem implements your requirements for pigments."

Jürgen Hartmann
Managing director ADD-Chem Germany

Corresponds to the color of the raw material not their wishes ?. Then pigments are necessary. The possible applications are diverse. The raw material is used to color plastics.

Pigments color materials in all conceivable color directions. In addition, these produce effects such as gloss, mica, luminous and metal effects.

Pigments used in industry are weather-resistant. In addition, small amounts are usually sufficient to dye a fabric (high color strength).

Recipes - according to your wishes

ADD-Chem Germany offers different types of titanium dioxide for plastics processing:

  1. KRONOS CL 2220, KRONOS CL 2222
  2. Dupont Ti-Pure R 105
  3. Sachtleben R420
  4. ADD-TIR 1930
  5. Tint pigments
  6. WPC pigments


Pigments: advantages at a glance

Pigments offer plastics customers a wide range of advantages. These are:

1. many color options
2. high color fastness
3. Gloss improvement

Colors according to your requirements

Can you tell us your color from the RAL chart? We're ready to go. Contact us today.

We would be happy to advise you if you have any problems with color design. This occurs with dark colors and can lead to color fading. ADD-Chem adds the pigments to the machine

What are pigments?

Pigments are fine, insoluble solids. They are used for coloring materials. In contrast to colorants, they do not dissolve in their medium.

For this reason, they are always added to the raw material through physical mixing.

A distinction is made between organic and inorganic pigments:

Organic pigments (animal or vegetable dyes) consist of carbon compounds. They occur in nature.

Most organic pigments react with the oxygen in the air. In order to make them industrially usable, they contain inorganic elements for stabilization.

Inorganic pigments do not use carbon.
They mostly consist of dissolved metal salts.

Inorganic pigments are divided into natural (earth colors) and artificial mineral colors (metal colors, carbon colors). Most inorganic pigments are stable to  Oxygen. This makes them weatherproof.

5 reasons to buy
ADD-Chem pigments

ADD-Chem excels in selling high quality pigments. For this reason, the company convinces customers with the following advantages:

  • good availability
  • high efficiency

  • high color fastness
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • excellent coverage

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