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High quality at a competitive price. This is what ADD-Chem stands for with its Ca / Zn stabilizers.

Jürgen Hartmann
Managing director ADD-Chem Germany

ADD-Chem sells and develops stabilizers – lubricants – compounds for all PVC and plastic areas.

We are “problem solvers” for customer-oriented, practical applications with our PVC additives.

Our ADD-Chem Compounds contain all essential raw materials and processing aids.

High quality stabilizers
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Areas of application


Stabilizers are a guarantee for the processability and longevity of the pipes.

Injection molding

Injection molding stabilizers are crucial for flow behavior and thermal stability.


Would you like to influence the density and the flow behavior? Then rely on ADD stabilizers.


The right notched impact strength and the flow of the PVC compound are crucial. Stabilizers contribute to this.


Tangled cables, no thanks. Thanks to ADD-Chem you can easily control the thermostability and water absorption.


The way they work, granulators are similar to extruders. With the help of the machines, a mass with a similar particle size can be produced.

What are stabilizers?

The thermal stabilizers are the heart of every PVC dry blend. With the stabilizer compound, the thermal stability, the rheology, the plasticization, the color or color retention as well as the gloss are significantly adjusted.

We only work with Ca / Zn stabilizer systems that are adjusted for the respective application.

We would be happy to do this on site on your extruders!

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