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Jürgen Hartmann
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Modifiers enable product quality to be increased. Do you have problems with the impact strength or dimensional stability of your products? Our employees will help you on site. 

ADD-Chem offers companies the following modifiers:

  1. AIM (acrylic impact modifier)
  2. CPE
  3. MBS
  4. CAM
  5. MBC (MBS-CPE modifier)

This enables us to offer you customer service that is tailored to the needs of our customers. Regardless of whether you are a small window manufacturer or a large film company: ADD-Chem implements the use of the modifier in your company.

The fact is: ADD-Chem offers a comprehensive range of modifiers for plastics chemistry.

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The 3 most important modifiers at a glance

CPE modifier

We offer modifier systems for all common types of plastic. These include PE, PP, PVC, PA and rubber.

AIM modifier

AIM modifiers offer companies a high level of weather resistance. The product is also worthwhile for increasing the impact strength of windows.

CAM modifier

CAM modifiers are our bestsellers for all windows, profiles and pipes.

MBS modifier

The film industry mainly uses MBS modifiers. These are easy to process and can even be used for transparent products.

ADD-Chem recommends MBS 5500 for highly transparent requirements. This ensures that your products combine high impact strength and transparency.

In addition, MBS 5500 has high tear resistance and elasticity. The product thus meets the highest requirements of the plastics industry.

ADD-Chem also offers MBS 5000. The product is characterized by higher impact resistance for non-transparent applications.

MBC modifier

MBC (methyl butadiene styrene / chlorinated polyethylene) modifiers combine the properties of CPE and MBS modifiers. This type of modifier shows better flame and explosion resistance.

This increases safety in the production and storage of the modifiers. MBC modifiers are characterized by the following properties:

  • high impact resistance
  • exceptional processing behavior
  • improved fire behavior
  • good price-performance ratio

The lightfastness is an outstanding feature of the MBC modifier.  The same is true of weather resistance. This enables companies to achieve longer-term protection against UV radiation.

ADD-Chem supplies MBC modifiers to well-known companies in the plastics sector. 

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