Additives for the
PVC industry

Our many years of experience distinguish us. With more than 200 customers and 

With 500 implemented projects, we are Hesse’s number 1 in the PVC additive industry.

Individual advice

Formulation development

Product testing on site


Who we are as a chemical company

ADD-Chem Germany GmbH is a chemical company based in Neuberg, Hesse. The company has been looking after customers from the PVC and plastics industry.

The company is characterized by its expertise in recipe development. In addition, all raw materials are checked directly at the customer and adapted for production.

The ADD-Chem company produces and sells raw materials for the manufacture of PVC and plastic compounds. As one of the few chemical companies, raw material and plant know-how are combined.

What is important to us

ADD-Chem creates new products, recipes and processes with amazing innovation.

Based on the wishes of our customers, the company researches and develops new areas of application.


With 32 years of industry experience, Managing Director Jürgen Hartmann expresses the chemical company’s expertise.

More than 500 projects and 200 customers speak for the many years of experience.  Founded in 2010, ADD-Chem has a turnover of more than 5 million.

We look forward to hearing from you