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Laboratory devices are aids that are used in the laboratory. The individual device classes differ in their structure and function.

Laboratory equipment is often exposed to great stress during chemical processes. That is why they are usually made of extremely resilient materials.

A modular design is important for most laboratory devices, in other words: the equipment can be assembled in any way according to the modular principle. This is important in order to be able to adapt equipment to specific needs.

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Lab equipment

ball drop test

A ball drop test can be used to determine the resistance of an object to external loads. Defined objects (eg a sphere) are dropped onto the test object from a certain height.

muffle furnace

The task of these furnaces is to heat materials so that they can also be tested in high temperature ranges. This checks whether they are also resilient under these conditions.

Measuring device

Colorimeters and bulk density meters are examples of this product category. The bulk density meter measures the exact density of a product. The color measuring device is used for color analysis.

Universal testing machine & pendulum impact tester

With the help of a universal testing machine, stress-strain diagrams can be created.

From this, material properties can be derived and key figures for different materials can be determined. In addition, tensile, compression or bending tests can be carried out.

The impact strength of a sample is determined with a pendulum impact tester. A pendulum hammer, which is suspended from a shaft, hits the object during the examination.

X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)

The X-ray fluorescence analysis offers you excellent analysis options for individual substances.

Many companies use these for the incoming and outgoing inspection of raw materials and finished products. For example, laboratories use the device to:

  • Quality control,
  • Test,
  •  and analysis.

Whether impurities or substance analysis: The XRF device enables conclusions to be drawn about the corresponding products.

Companies often use XRF for quality assurance to identify heavy metals.

ADD-Chem Germany is your partner in choosing the right XRF device.

Our sales team pays attention to:

  • the simple and safe handling,
  • the functionality,
  • and the detailed measurability.

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