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8 Ideas for Carefree PVC and Additive Purchasing

Do you want to finally, find reliable suppliers at cost-effective prices? Then it counts to select providers according to the right criteria.

In fact:
Low prices are useless if long-term delivery options do not exist. Our whitepaper provides you with the foundation for more success in purchasing.

Jürgen Hartmann, Managing Director of ADD-Chem Germany, reveals his purchasing tips from over 34 years of experience in PVC and additive sales.

Bad suppliers, no thanks!

Let’s be frank:

Decision-makers face significant price volatility and ongoing difficulties.

Our whitepaper provides effective solutions to your purchasing problems.

Can you empathize?

Let’s face it. Decision-makers often have to deal with difficult challenges:

1. you simply cannot find suitable suppliers.

2. material procurement falters or is delayed.

3. supply crises throw the company off track.

4. the competition reacts faster and more effectively.

Evaluate the best offers

Decision-makers should pay attention to delivery times and the quality of advice. Here's how to find the best deals.

Determine your shopping goals

In the plastics sector, besides a competitive price, competent advice is pivotal.

Build on a trusted network

Loyal competitors minimize risks in the procurement of raw materials. In doing so, it is important to rely on suitable partners.

Find the right supplier:
Here's how it works for buyers

Companies are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding suppliers. There are several deciding factors besides price. These include:

1. The quality of the product,

2. the ability to deliver in times of crisis,

3. the trustworthiness of the partner and

4. the technical know-how.

With all these factors, how are companies supposed to find the right supplier?

Very simple: With a point system.

The point system has numerous advantages. It helps to include important decision factors. In doing so, it ensures a fair evaluation.

Learn about suitable factors for your supplier selection in our whitepaper.

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