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"ADD-Chem has been an all-rounder for machines for 10 years now. We combine this with our expertise in PVC and plastic production. "

Jürgen Hartmann
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PVC is tasteless, odorless and flame-retardant. Therefore, the possible uses of the material are very diverse. The addition of stabilizers makes PVC extremely resistant to aging and weathering. For this reason it is used, for example, for the manufacture of window frames.

Due to its versatility, PVC accompanies us in all areas of life. From toys to drinking water pipes.

One of the decisive properties is the extreme service life with almost unchanged functionality. So far, no degradation by microorganisms or chemical processes has been found in rigid PVC.

Nevertheless, polyvinyl chloride can be recycled in all states and is not disposed of after a single use. It is therefore very environmentally friendly to use.

PVC is also an inexpensive material.

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Cool mix combinations are used for demanding mixing tasks in plastics production. ADD-Chem cooling mix combinations can be individually adjusted to your needs.


Extruders are conveyors for solid to viscous masses. The individual components are mixed inside the machine. This happens at high pressure and high temperature.


The way they work, granulators are similar to extruders. With the help of these machines, a mass with a very similar particle size can be produced from different particles.

What is PVC

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a brittle thermoplastic. In its pure form, the material is white and very hard. PVC can only be processed further by adding plasticizers and stabilizers.

A distinction is made between hard and soft PVC. Rigid PVC is mainly used as pipe material and in the construction industry. On the other hand, soft PVC is used to manufacture hoses, seals and artificial leather, among other things.

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ADD-Chem Germany carries all common PVC types:

  1. ADD vinyl K value 66/67
  2. ADD-Vinyl K-value 65
  3. ADD-Vinyl K-value 60
  4. ADD vinyl B-goods

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